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We recognize for some early stage companies, a full-service PR package is simply not in the budget. That does not mean they should be forced to take time away from their core businesses to develop messaging, or settle for substandard work from discount providers.

That’s why hype lab has developed a menu of custom Startup PR Labs, that offer an all-in one head start (and much more) for companies that are ready to start telling their stories to target audiences and fielding press inquiries. These labs are designed to add tremendous value as a standalone session, or they can provide the building blocks for a comprehensive PR strategy as a company grows.

Our labs, led by highly-regarded tech PR professionals, ensure you'll leave with actionable insights and newfound abilities.

Below are the three main types of labs we offer.

Explore our labs

Explore our labs

Explore our labs

Brainstorm (starts at $599)

One-hour virtual lab, including:

Interactive presentation covering the basics of storytelling, messaging and securing press coverage, with real-world examples that are relevant to your company

Working messaging session with the goal of coming up with several talking points and at least one solid story angle for your company to pursue by the end of the hour

Review of important content from your company (web copy, biographies) and actionable feedback

Follow-up memo within 7 days of meeting that provides custom feedback and strategy recommendations

Session (starts at $999)

Two-hour virtual lab, including everything in Brainstorm plus:

Pitching session, where we provide suggestions for outlets and targets to pursue based on real-time feedback, as well as guidance on how to identify and get the attention of relevant reporters

Thought leadership strategy: custom session on how to maximize your blog, LinkedIn, Discord—or other avenues that are relevant to your company

Can be broken up into two sessions

Lab (starts at $1,999)

Four-hour lab held remotely or in-person (in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach or Martin counties). Includes everything in Session plus:

Introductory media training session and practice interview with former reporter Matt, with questions based on issues your company identified in our working session—and the ability to workshop and get feedback on important answers in real-time

Social audio session with Jeff

Session on orchestrating press conferences, live events and other in-person media opportunities

Comprehensive messaging suggestions and talking points as part of expanded follow-up memo (still delivered within 7 days)

Need more?

We are also happy to design custom labs focused on one particular area of PR, including messaging, media relations, original content, media training, social media, social audio, crisis communications and more, as well as group labs for investors who might find it useful for multiple portfolio companies.

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© 2023 hype lab. All rights reserved. ♡ Lovingly made in Boca Raton & Miami.

© 2023 hype lab. All rights reserved. ♡ Lovingly made in Boca Raton & Miami.